Silta Café - multicultural meeting place (org. by Tambor Vivo)

Silta Café - multicultural meeting place (org. by Tambor Vivo)

Our association

Tambor vivo is an independent multicultural association (registered in January 2011) that aspires to spread knowledge about Latin American cultures and promote mainly brazilian  cultural activities in Finland, especially in Helsinki.

Tambor Vivo organizes many activities such as capoeira classes, music and dance workshops for children, young people and adults. By offering these activities the association aims to create a space for participation and strengthen the sense of community in multicultural Finland. 

Join us!

By becoming a member of Tambor vivo you get discount from the course fees and you can get involved in developing the association. The membership fee is 20 euros/year for adults and 10 euros/year for children. 

You can contact us and get more information by e-mailing us to

You can also ask us to give a workshop or perform in your event!