Capoeira angola is an Afro-Brazilian martial art form which is practised through dancing. It is an expression of Afro-Brazilian culture and requires disciplined practise. The Brazilian Capoeira has its roots in Africa, and its cultural influences were brought to the new continent by the slaves. To honour and protect the traditions and rituals of the slaves is an important part of Capoeira Angola. Capoeira practise is based on respect for its’ ancient roots and for the Afro-Brazilian culture. The traditions are passed on orally from teacher to pupils and later on from the pupils to their own pupils thus preserving the Capoeira ritual. In its deepest form, Capoeira Angola is a philosophy of life that can become a part of one’s everyday life.


Workshop with Mestre Joao Grande in June 2014, Helsinki, Finland.

Capoeira practise is a good way of making new friends and gaining self-confidence. Little by little Capoeira Angola has spread all over the world, so it gives us a possibility to meet people from many different countries. Capoeira Angola is a language that crosses all borders!

Here at Tambor Vivo we learn to develop our physical and mental qualities through capoeira movements, songs and music. Capoeira is ”played” in pairs inside a circle (roda). Capoeira Angola gets its rhythm from traditional instruments and songs about different aspects of life and especially about the lives of the slaves.  Without the community and the music there is no Capoeira!

Mestre Marrom and Contra Mestre Bom Cabelo

The Tambor Vivo capoeira group is a part of Grupo de Capoeira Angola N´Goma (before Mestre Marrom e Alunos) capoeira group from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Our teacher is one of Mestre Marrom’s longtime students Contra-Mestre Bom Cabelo (José Reinaldo Santos Soares). He has a lot of experience in teaching capoeira for children and adults in Brazil and in Finland. Mestre Marrom himself visits us regularly at least twice a year. 


Training schedule:

Young people and adults (2019):

The classes are taught by José Santos known as Contra Mestre Bom Cabelo from Mestre Marrom e alunos group. The classes are suitable for beginners and more advanced students.

Tuesday 19.30-21.30 Pikkuhuopalahden nuorisotalo, Hilda Flodininkuja 6 (entrance from Tilkankatu)

Sunday 18-20 Ungdomsgården Sandels, Topeliuksenkatu 2 (ring the door bell!)

Capoeira fees (per semester):

 2 trainings/week 170e/semester (for the members 150e)

1 training/week 125e/semester (for the members 110e)

Welcome to try, first class is for free! Bem-Vindos!!


More info: